Thank You

Crosswalk safety is in everyone’s interest.

I trust this website has been of value and you learned a few things about crosswalk safety; about the need as a driver to be alert, and as a pedestrian to be visible, cautious and alert.




If everyone …

  • sign_1respects and follows the laws – for example drivers staying within the speed limits – remember they are speed limits; not targets; yielding to pedestrians in or facing a crosswalk; and pedestrians not entering a crosswalk when the ‘don’t walk’ hand or countdown timer is illuminated
  • avoids distractions – such as cell phones; texting etc., and
  • is attentive – both when driving and when walking.

… there is a greater chance accidents will be avoided.

Please forward this site to others in order that they too can increase thier education of crosswalk safety.  And remember to


… be Cautious … be Seen … be Safe


Yours in crosswalk safety,


Norm Collins

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada